The Jane Doe Novel Experiment

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A Promise to the Reader

The Jane Doe Novel Experiment, is an experiment, but it is also a promise. I need you for motivation and for an encouraging nudge to keep me writing. Here’s what I promise if you start this journey with me:

  1. I will finish both novels. I will not disappear and leave you wondering, “what happened next”. PROMISE.
  2. I will release a new chapter a week. *Okay, this one has some exceptions! I am writing two novels simultaneously. This suggestion was made in a comment on a post and I think is a great idea. =) I may run into a storyline glitch with one novel and be able to take a break from it and still write and create in the other! What that means is that I promise weekly updates, but which novel each week…time will tell. The second exception is that this may take a year or so to complete. I think it will be smart to factor in a sick day, or a vacation, or my computer crashing, or my pesky day job making me work over time. ^.~ Can we agree to possibly missing a weekly update a maximum of four times in a year?
  3. It won’t be perfect. (Yes, I can promise that!) But, I do promise I will stick with the storyline. I will not write chapter six only to change the first five chapters to match. I have a wonderful friend guiding me as I go and we’ll both make sure the story is heading in the right direction before anything is posted.

That’s it! That’s my promise to you. So, are we ready? ^.^


5 comments on “A Promise to the Reader

  1. D. Bryant Simmons
    June 5, 2012

    Absolutely not. I refuse. No sick time. No excuses young lady. I want you writing day and night! You should breathe and sleep Star. And Phillip. And Carson and Lilly and Ava and Dominic. None of this “day job” crap.

    • Jane Doe
      June 5, 2012

      Lol. Well, I do breathe and sleep them. There is only so much space in my head and their stories fight for evey inch. What about you? How’s Jackie doing?

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  4. sseantretheway
    December 3, 2012

    What happened to chapter 6? Perhaps your new found ‘love’ has superceded this project, which is fine, but please give us an update!



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