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Six Sentence Sunday – Sensual Not Sex

Sarah slipped her tongue in between Emmanuelle’s parted lips like a sweet seduction. The kiss felt like the girls in his class looked when they sucked on a blow pop. A girl would lock eyes on the guy of her choice and then pull the bright red ball out of her mouth only to slowly, and with some force against her lips, push it back inside. She did it to plant the type of thoughts in the guy’s mind that Sarah’s kiss planted in him at that moment.

Emmanuelle placed his hands on Sarah’s, the-right-kind-of-thick hips, and applied light pressure. The downward momentum guided her off of her tiptoes, causing her to lose the extra inch of height she needed to keep the kiss going. Their lips parted. “Whoa, babe. What’s up?”

Sarah tighten her fingers around Emmanelle’s curls and, undeterred, rose on back onto her toes.  “Nothing’s up.” She kissed him again with a hint of spice added to the sweetest of the previous kiss.

(Taken from, Enough for Four, Chapter 6, Part 1 to be released on Monday! Want all of my SSS? Click here.)

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Hello All! Today’s 6 is very special! I needed help drawing the line on how much description is too much when it comes to sex between teenagers in fiction. The responses to: Sex in YA. Thoughts? helped me conclude to go with the sensuous: the thoughts and feelings before intercourse, but skip describing the act of intercourse. We’re calling it the, “fade to black” approach. Thanks everyone who gave their input and feedback! Hopefully, I nailed it.


It’s an experiment! I spend Tuesday – Saturday writing a new episode of  Enough for Four. On Sunday, I take six sentences  from the episode to be released on Monday through  iTunes and this blog and give you a sneak peek. Writers, feel free to post your own 6 sentences in the comments below or a link to them. I look forward to reading them! Readers and Writers, the official site for tons of SSS from different writers are here: Six Sentence Sunday. Discover your new favorite author today!



3 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday – Sensual Not Sex

  1. Silver
    August 12, 2012

    Fade to black in YA is definitely the way to go, I think. But that doesn’t preclude lots of “lead up”. And you’ve got a definite sense of the emotions and feelings of the teen set. Nice six.

    • Jane Doe
      August 13, 2012

      Thank you, Silver. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement! The full chapter is released now and focus on these two love birds ^.^ .

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