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Chick-fil-A versus Everyone Else

I came across this photo on Facebook just now:

Up until now, I only had two problems with Chick-fil-A: 1) They weren’t located in Chicago. (Fixed!) 2) They are closed on Sundays. (I’ve given up hope on this one changing.)

After all of the ruckus they’ve been making, I have absolutely no problems with them. In case you don’t know all the details, I don’t really either other than the summary:

Some founder of the restaurant openly states he is against same-sex marriage. He supports organizations who are also against same-sex marriage. Good for him/them!

Have you ever heard the saying: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”?

I personally commend someone for being able to go against popular belief and the idea that “tolerance” means you can’t have a negative view of an issue. I rejoice when people don’t feel they have to remain silent because the world may look down upon them as judgmental.

With that said, I think there is a difference between voicing your beliefs and forcing them upon other people.

A) I don’t believe in same-sex marriages. – I can respect that.

B) I don’t believe in same-sex marriages and therefore, I am making them illegal. – I can’t respect that. I personally believe in God. And if God, creator of heaven and earth and everything in it does not force people to obey him, who on this earth has that right? Make your thoughts known if you must, but let people decide for themselves. As a “Christian” organization, they are among the first to know that the Bible is full of commandments and full of stories of people who chose to follow those commandments and those who did not. The point is, some did not. If God gives people the right to free will, who are we to take it away?


7 comments on “Chick-fil-A versus Everyone Else

  1. Michelle Proulx
    August 1, 2012

    That’s generally my belief as well. You can dislike whatever you want, but so long as no one’s being hurt, just leave it alone.

    • Alisia C
      August 2, 2012

      So long as no one is being hurt? Gay people are hurt by this. Gay people are hurt when people take up a religious stance that shuts down their rights. Gay people are hurt every time a Christian Conservative votes against their rights, as if they’re not human people with a say in their futures.

  2. Michelle Proulx
    August 2, 2012

    No, I mean, people can dislike what they want, but they should keep their mouths shut about it *unless* someone is being hurt. E.g. gay marriage doesn’t hurt anyone, so people against gay marriage should just leave them alone.

  3. Jane Doe
    August 2, 2012

    I agree with both of you and didn’t take Michelle’s first comment to mean that not allowing same-sex marriage wasn’t detrimental to gays and lesbians.

    However, I don’t agree with the statement that because same-sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone, “they should keep their mouths shut about it.” I believe the first amendment also applies to views I may disagree with. If they don’t believe in same-sex marriage, they have every right to say so and I applaud them for having the courage say it admist today’s social climate of “anything goes”. What I disagree with is, as Alisa points out, taking their beliefs to the polls. A religious group does not (should not) have the right to legislate people in to following their beliefs.

    • emmawolf
      August 5, 2012

      “What I disagree with is, as Alisa points out, taking their beliefs to the polls. A religious group does not (should not) have the right to legislate people in to following their beliefs.”

      The other things that you wrote that I disagreed with aside, yes, this. Absolutely this.

      • Jane Doe
        August 5, 2012

        Hi, Emma! Feel free to chime in with your thoughts if you’re comfortable doing so. Disagreeing is okay. In some ways, that’s what the heart of this post is about: it’s okay to voice a difference in opinion.

  4. dbryantsimmons
    August 6, 2012

    Jane, I just made a series of comments on an article in google+ about gay literature in schools and mentioned some of what you say here. I agree – freedom of speech doesn’t just apply to the things I like and want to hear. I may not like some of the views that people express and we can argue/debate them but that doesn’t need to translate into political action. No one has the right to tell someone else how to screw or love. I don’t care if they think the people in question are going to hell – so what! What does that have to do with them? It’s my life, my choice! How arrogant do you have to be to think that you have the right to demand that people live their lives according to what you believe? But from what I can tell, some religious people think it’s a testament to their own faith if they can convince others to believe/act the way they do. Like by stopping all the wretched people from doing wretched things they might secure their place in heaven faster. So … I don’t think there’s an “anything goes” culture, especially not here in America. The truly open-minded seem to be in the minority.

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