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Six Sentence Sunday – #Poly Gossip

“Ava, I’m sorry about up there.”

Ava let out a puff of air. “Don’t fret about it, Lily. I can’t expect gossip to stop just because it’s about me.”

Despite her reassuring response, Ava turned to look out the window and didn’t turn back the remainder of the drive.

Lily wanted to reach out to her, but being new lovers, didn’t know if Ava preferred her solitude in moments like this one. Instead, Lily looked out her own window and patiently waited for Ava to come back to her again.

(Taken from, Enough for Four, Chapter 4, Part 2 to be released on Monday!)

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Writers, feel free to post your own 6 sentences in the comments below or a link to them. I look forward to reading them!


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