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Up & Coming Author Review: Alisia Compton’s “Twelve After Midnight”

There are plenty of books I have liked by  up & coming authors, but Alisia Compton has made me a follower of her. Creativity and originality is abundant in her e-book, Twelve: After Midnight. Her command of the English language to tell a story was apparent throughout.

The Novel:

Twelve is a clone of the world’s famous and beautiful actress, Amelia Star. Twelve is conditioned to serve Amelia as the star recovers from an injury unknown to the outside world. Twelve struggles to continue in complete servitude as the requests made of her becoming increasingly difficult and as she learns more and more disturbing facts about the world around her and the people in it. She questions if she should trust her Superiors, her conditioning, and even herself.

My Impression:

My first thoughts by page ten:

I enjoy the author’s skill at quietly letting us know of the unstable current underneath the surface of characters’ relationships with each other.

Reading, Twelve is like taking stroll through the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s nice and refreshing. It’s especially to find so much creativity and skill in one writer.

The Rating:

I happily give Twelve three stars and the author’s potential a solid five. Again, there is no lack of imagination and Alisia writes beautifully. There was not one moment when I didn’t wish I had time to read one more page during each sitting. The story line is unique, but as a whole, I wish she had developed it more.  She drew a unique world with captivating characters and a page turner plot. The rise was a joy to ride, but once at the top, it ended abruptly. Alisia’s writing skill is flawless and her imagination is limitless. Developing Twelve fully will make this story, but more importantly, this writer, unstoppable.

If you walk away with one thought from this review, let it be this: Keep an eye out for Alisia Compton! She is an author that will continue to evolve and turn out mind-bending novel after novel. Download Twelve After Midnight to from Smashwords.

Talking with the author, Alisia Compton:

Jane: Have you always been a sci-fi girl?
Alisia: I’ve always been very into science fiction reading and film. In terms of writing, I’ve written two unpublished science fiction sagas and Twelve: After Midnight. These are two very personal, very thought provoking stories that I hope to finish by the end of 2014. I continue to work on Twelve as a series. My writing has never been genre specific. I do tend to flitter around with multiple genres, writing whatever I feel.
Jane: What motivated you to tackle a story about cloning?
Alisia: My best friend, Jackie. She’s a huge inspiration on my work. We were discussing cloned meat and the recent rash of pets being cloned. Most people don’t know that when they bite into a hamburger or cook a steak, it’s typically cloned cattle they’re eating. I’m not a vegan, but I do question this practice. Cloning a human is something that’s bound to happen.

Jane: Did you run into writer’s block while creating your story? How did you get past it?

Alisia: I did not run into writer’s block while working on Twelve: After Midnight. I actually wrote Twelve rather quickly. It took only a few days, spread out over two weeks. Editing is always where I slow down and sometimes ignore the work for a while. If I run into writer’s block, I call my friend and run through story ideas with her. She always helps me to close the gaps in my mind and really refocus on what needs to be done. It doesn’t hurt that she’ll read rough drafts and is always positive and encouraging.

Jane: You self-published Twelve as an ebook. What made you decide to take that leap?
Alisia: I don’t know! I just wanted to know what people think. I want to be liked by readers. I want recognition. In my mind, my best bet in making it “in the business” is to build an online reputation for quality writing. I work in marketing, so I have a good understanding of what needs to be done. It takes time, but most modern writers have to have this insane platform and lots of readers before they’re taken on by an agent. I want that. I’m saving money and when I self-publish again, I’m going to promote myself. I’m also waiting for this deal between Smashwords and Amazon to work itself out.
Jane: Have you gotten feedback on your ebook?

Alisia: Overall, people seem really drawn to Twelve: After Midnight. They seem to like the idea of it. My favorite feedback was an unexpected email I received from a random reader and a professional published author (Scribner) so it was super flattering. Here is a line from the letter, “I have been reading science fiction since 1953, when I was 15, so I’ve encountered nearly everything in the almost 60 years since. Your situation, characters, and milieu combine familiar elements in an entirely original way, and you present them with easy authority…The thematic elements are strong enough to register but never allowed to turn your novel into a pulpit.”  His words really put me over the moon.

Jane: Any advice for those who are considering e-publishing?
Alisia: Do it! As long as you’ve allowed others to read and critique your story, then you’ll find a place on the web. Make sure to edit as much as humanly possible. Even after all that editing, someone will still find a misspelled word. If you can afford a professional edit, do that. It’s a lot easier.
Jane: I saw you changed your cover for your book. What was that decision based on?
Alisia: My sister is a graphic arts student. She recently began designing eBook covers. She did mine for free! My original covers were self-created and not really what I envisioned. She captured what I wanted beautifully. She actually does covers for $5.00. You can find her on Etsy at Jesrphoto
Jane: What are your stats? Single? Married? Kids?
Alisia: I am married to a wonderfully supportive man. I have two daughters, Maia 3 and Nadia 10. I feel incredibly lucky to have this family!
Jane: What do you do when you’re not writing?
Alisia: I’m always writing! I work in writing/marketing solutions. I write product reviews, do blog posts and website content. If I can find a day that I don’t have to work, I spend it with my family. We love summer activities – so we boat, swim and generally rock out in the sunshine. I also love to crack a beer with friends and watch my kids splash around a pool. Oh and I can’t forget that movies and books are my most favorite things. I’m still not sure how I pack it all in.
Jane: What’s next?
Alisia: I’m currently working on the sequel to Twelve. I should be finished by summer’s end. I hope to publish the sequel sometime in the fall. I’m also working on some larger novels and mid-year next year, I begin work on the sequel to Lucy and The Letter Eaters.

Thank you, Alisia! I will proudly direct everyone to this review in a few years when Alisia is a #1 best seller and say, “I knew it!”

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