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Ask Jane: What If My Review Is Bad?


I read on FB about your section for books you didn’t finish. What happens if my work ends up there?

Hi! I forgot how viral the internet is! We just posted those. 🙂 For those of you who don’t know, I have a section on my blog titled, “I Stopped Reading Here.” In it, I zoom in on the issue(s) with a particular novel that caused me to stop reading it completely and I give advice on how to improve it.

*Exhale* The truth is, any book I read may end up being a book I don’t finish. But, I do my best to not make it known which book/author I am referring to. I do this a few ways:

1) I don’t mention what book I’m reading for review purposes in any post or comment.

2) The examples I use are all ones I make up to recreate what the author did. I never use actual passages from the novel.

3) I try not to alluded to the real plot.

4) I never make reference to the author in the post.

Hopefully, the above allows the author to stay anonymous.

The best part is, we all learn something whether the book ends up in my “Up & Coming Author” section or my, “I Stopped Reading Here Section.” And, for the authors who participate, they have my email to ask further questions and I send them a write up of my complete critic. I love these one-on-ones because we are both able to say more than we can in the review. (We don’t want to ruin the story for the readers!) But, one-on-one, we can really dive in to the plot and characters.

So, I hope you’re not discouraged or frightened. If we never take a swing out of fear of striking out, we’ll never get off of home base. Go ahead and take a swing! If not with me, with someone who knows literature and writing. Anyone can say they liked or didn’t like a story, but you want someone who knows the craft to be able to zero in on why, technically and creatively. And from there-we grow!


Leave your thoughts on the above, below. ^.^

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