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Sandra – Character Profile

Sandra Lovelette

Character Name: Sandra

Full Name: Sandra Lovelette

Nick Names: None

Gender: Female

Age: 33

Birthday/year: November 7, 1978

Marital Status: Single

Spouse/Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Children: None

Pets:  A chiwawa named, Love.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Grey

Origin: Home grown in Oklahoma.

Language: English.

Blood Type: O

Height: 5″7

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Awkwardly cute. Full, round face with light freckles. Medium build, but extremely flat chested and no butt whatsoever.

Race: Caucasian.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Parents retired to Florida.


Friends/AlliesAva’s been her best friend since 9th grade.

Enemies: She has quite a few frienemies. Front and center is Chase.


Career/Past Careers: Nurse for the children’s ward in the local hospital.

Dreams/Life Goals: She’s living it. Helping kids recover from illnesses.

HobbiesArts & crafts.

Likes: To laugh.

LovesApple pie.

Dislikes: Apathy.

Loathes: Informing a parent that their child won’t survive.

Fears: Ava will find out she’s having an affair with Carson.

Strengths: Warm hearted and caring to her patients.

Weakness: Doesn’t take a stand on issues.

Good QualitiesShe never intentionally hurts anyone.

Bad Habits: Lies to cover up her actions.

Turn Ons: Strength. Mentally and physically.

Turn Offs: Those who cringe when faced with unpleasantness.

Temperament: Thinks first, speaks second. Kind.

Background: Oklahoma is all she remembers. She met Ava in 9th grade when they both joined cheerleading. They’ve been bffs since. She was Ava’s maid of honor in her wedding when Ava married Carson at age 18. When they were 24, a year after Carson and Ava started having problems, she and Carson became close. Too close.


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