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“Brave Woman!” – A Note From A Reader

Hi Jane

 Arlene sent me an email to alert me to your novel online. You are one brave woman to commit yourself to posting a whole novel that isn’t written yet. I’m one of those people who starts thinking about letting my work go around draft five. So good for you! I listened to the first two chapters and enjoyed them. I can see you’ve got some great teachers for the skills of recording and podcasting.

 Arlene wondered if it might be useful to alert you to my experience podcasting a novel with gay and lesbian characters. If you like, you can check them out on Podiobooks. The novel is The Little Dragons by Rowan Starsmith.

 Of course, I caught fantasy and dragon fans by surprise. I didn’t think anything of tucking gay and lesbian characters here and there in my novel, just the way it is in my life. When I published The Little Dragons on Smashwords, I added a warning note. Too bad to have to do that. You are being very clear in your summary that your novel includes a same-sex relationship, so surely anyone who would find that troubling would just not listen in the first place.

So congratulations and have fun with your project, as the rest of us will following it.

Take care,



Not what Rowan meant, but I like to view it this way! Keyboard and monitor instead of bow and arrow...but, still!

Not what Rowan meant, but I like to view it this way! Keyboard and monitor instead of bow and arrow…but, still!

I wrote Rowan a thank you note for writing such a sweet letter. (And plan to spend the day listening to her story!)  I thanked Arlene as well for passing on the word about the Experiment. (She has a podcast of her novel, The Fox, as well) It’s little surprises like this that mean so much to me! It’s why I started The Jane Doe Novel Experiment in the first place…motivation & encouragement! And it looks like there is a lot of it out there. Thank you all!

I think both ladies were sweet to worry if readers/listeners would be hesitant about Enough for Four due to the relationship between Lily & Ava. What do you think?


4 comments on ““Brave Woman!” – A Note From A Reader

  1. dbryantsimmons
    July 5, 2012

    “Too risky?” I think that depends on you. Gay and lesbian fiction does exist just like homophobics exist. It’s not about them. It’s about you. Do you. Tell your story the best way you can. Does that include a disclaimer? I don’t know. Would I do it? Not for the homosexuality … but I’ve been faced with that issue in general when it comes to writing about polyamory.

    • Jane Doe
      July 5, 2012

      Hello, dbryantsimmons. Thank you for your thoughts. Hm, disclaimer? No, I wouldn’t put a disclaimer based on a bisexual couple in the story because I don’t believe that is something people have to be “warned” about. No more than I would put a disclaimer that a heterosexual couple is in the story.

      HOWEVER, I do understand putting a disclaimer for the same reason most movies have them: language, violence, sexual scenes, etc. (There’s not any violence, but Carson does say the “d” word here and there, and eventually…someone is having sex with someone! ^.^)

      I guess the difference is that if the occasional swear word and likely sex scene(s) weren’t involved, I would not add a disclaimer based on a character’s sexual preference alone.

      How is your polyamory story coming? Is it a part of your series?

      • dbryantsimmons
        July 7, 2012

        Oh, I thought you were saying that someone suggested you add a disclaimer because there was homosexuality in your story. I guess I misunderstood …

        I started off writing about polyamory – some of my very first novels, which I don’t think are good enough to share 🙂 And when I get all the kinks straighten out (no pun intended, lol) it will make its way into my series.

      • Jane Doe
        July 9, 2012

        Oh, no. The writer meant that she had chose to add a disclaimer because her subject was fantasy based and the “surprise” of a same-sex relationship in the story put off some readers. Enough for Four is a bit different since it’s spelled out in the summary. No “surprise”.

        Well, I can’t wait to read your story when those kinks are worked out. 🙂

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