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Can I Give Too Much Away In My Story?

The short answer is, “No,” or “Generally, not”.  The long answer will come along in a few separate posts.  For now, I would like you to hang on to these thoughts:

How many of us knew that the Titanic was going to sink? (everyone raises their hand) How many of us went to see the movie anyway? (A lot of people raise their hands.)

Perhaps romance/historical fiction is not your cup of tea. What about the newly released Avengers? Didn’t we go to the movie knowing that more than likely the good guys will win? Did knowing this ruin it for us?

No!!! In fact, we were more excited! Would the couple get off of the boat on time? Will any of our heroes face defeat? How will this story develop?  Who will be the enemy? Knowing details automatically makes your reader ask questions as to when, how, what, why where, to what extent, etc…adding to their excitement to read on and find out! That’s what we want!

So, more than likely, that detail you think will ruin the experience for your reader, is the same detail that will invest your reader more deeply into your story.

The first detailed post will deal with a question I received yesterday. Basically, the author wanted to know if I thought letting a reader know “too much” about a character’s personality before this character springs into action, would it ruin the surprise?


Leave your thoughts on the above, below. ^.^

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