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I Stopped Reading Here – Mission Statement

“If you want me to do it perfectly, let me make some mistakes.” – Jane Doe

Unfortunately, we do learn from mistakes. Fortunately, we don’t have to learn only from our own mistakes. We can grab a pen and a notepad and take a lesson from other people’s errors.

To tell you a little about me, when I was 13, one of my friends described me as, “Everybody’s own little cheerleader.” And I was. (Still am) Cheering people along as they attempt to accomplish their goals.

I’m also able to view things objectively and add honey to what otherwise might be hard advice to swallow. Because the truth is, I want everyone I know to succeed at their relative goals. Sometimes, in order to succeed, we first need to improve.  In this case, if you’re reading this blog, your goal is probably to write! A great goal!

Sometimes, our work is so close to our hearts that we need to let someone else take a look at it and get their point of view. Some advice we ignore and go with our first instincts, some we accept and make the necessary changes.

The title of this category is a little misleading. I hardly ever truly stop reading a book. But it has happened! Most of the books in this category will actually be books I’ve finished by up-and-comings, but I saw a few issues that, if they were fixed, would improve the storyline. There will be a few that I did completely stop reading. In either case, I’ll dissect the part where the story faltered a little and give suggestions to get it back on track.

Where do these stories come from? Mostly from friends who are writing. Some from people who emailed me and asked me to critic their work. A few from various writing networks I’m a part of. Due to this, I will never say the title of the book or the name of the author.  In some cases, I’ll come across a wonderful read and if so, I’ll direct you to that author and the book right away!


2 comments on “I Stopped Reading Here – Mission Statement

  1. D. Bryant Simmons
    June 20, 2012

    I owe the ending of Bravebird to you! My own little cheerleader 🙂

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