The Jane Doe Novel Experiment

Creating Two New Novels. Writing One Chapter Weekly. Podcasting As I Go. Welcome to The Experiment.

Podcast, Podcast, Podcast

When I first thought of, The Jane Doe Novel Experiment, I thought writing a chapter a week would be the hard part. Writing a good chapter a week, even harder. However, I’m finding the real challenge is turning out to be podcasting. Here’s why:

1) Finding the time to record. There seems to never be a good time to record. Either a TV is on, or someone in the building is vacuuming, or someone outside is mowing their lawn, or a happy bird is chirping away. Generally, I love the sound of the last one…it means good weather is here! But, I don’t think you all want any of the above as background music throughout the entire narration.

2) Getting over the sound of my own voice/my lack of acting abilities. This one is able to be solved by asking a friend to record the podcast for me. ^.^

3) Learning how to edit the recording.  Enough said. ^.^

However, I know all of these challenges will be conquered in a week or two. It’s just a learning curve. I’ll soon know when the birds as well as the rest of the neighborhood are asleep. My friend and I will have our “podcasting day” and editing the recording will be routine and quick.  In the meantime, this made me laugh:


Leave your thoughts on the above, below. ^.^

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