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Writing Out of Order

Of course, all stories have a beginning, middle & end, but do you write in that order?

I don’t and I wonder how common that is among writers. (If normal at all!) I start with chapter one and can generally make it to chapter two before skipping to that scene/chapter. The one that motivated me to write the story in the first place. Before I know it, I’m wrapped up writing that part of the story to perfection. When it’s on paper, I go back to the beginning as if nothing ever happend…until it happens again.

Unfortunately, I have to remind myself that, The Jane Doe Novel Experiment, doesn’t quite allow me that freedom. I can’t write chapter 10 when everyone is waiting on chapter 3. I’m trying to force myself to jot down the things I don’t want to forget once I get there, but not to dwell and perfect it as if I don’t have a clock ticking down on the left of my screen for the next chronological event. =)

And all of this has me wondering, “How do you write?”  In order? Jump around? All over the place? Mark your vote on the below.



2 comments on “Writing Out of Order

  1. D. Bryant Simmons
    June 5, 2012

    Two words. Novel Bible.
    And 7 days to go … I can’t wait!

    • Jane Doe
      June 5, 2012

      =) Novel Bible…I know those words. 😉 But my writing out of order doesn’t come from not knowing what comes next (although, I have been there and visit quite often!), but it comes from the excitment to write a particular part. The part that’s so vivid and loud inside my mind that it can’t wait its turn to get on a piece of paper. I tend to let its excitment get to me and give in to its demand to get out of my head and onto my screen…even if it has to wait a few weeks for the rest of the story to catch up to it.

      7 days! I can’t wait as well! Sooooo nervous!

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