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Title Change!

I have two, “won’t hold anything back,” editors (aka: friends who are writers) who  (thankfully) critics every single period on the page. Every…single…period. =)

However, when it comes to the title, Il Y A Pour Quatre….nothing. Let me tell you the background on the title. The French have a saying:

 “Il y pour deux, il y a pour tois.”

Which translates,

“If there’s enough for two, there’s enough for three.”

Meaning, there is always enough to go around.  I think it’s a saying that speaks volume to showing hospitality and a giving spirit. I also thought that if it applies to food, why can’t it apply to love? If you can love two, why not three? Or, in the case of the story, four?

Et voila! The title, Il Y A Pour Quatre. (Enough for Four)

However, after two weeks of both of them referring to it as “the other novel you’re writing”. Or starting with, “Il Y A” (pronounced like: ill E a) and then giving up on the remainder of the title, I put the pieces together myself:

The title sucks.

At least the French version. It’s too hard to pronounce even for the two people who are eager for me to write the rest of it.  So, I decided to leave the French version behind and stick with:

Enough for Four


2 comments on “Title Change!

  1. D. Bryant Simmons
    May 31, 2012

    Lol. LOL. It’s just a little intimidating even for me and I speak a little French. I was going to mention it but then I got swept up in all the glorious sexual tension. But since you brought it up … the English version is not as intriguing. It’s kinda hard. You know, like CCCarrr-son.

    • Jane Doe
      May 31, 2012

      *laughing* I really wanted to dig my heels in & stick with it, but what good is a title if only one country can pronounce it correctly? ^.^

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