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Nathaniel – Character Profile

Nathaniel Roy Liner

Character Name: Nathaniel

Full Name: Nathaniel Roy Liner

Nick Names: Nate

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birthday/year: December 15, 1995

Marital Status: Single

Spouse/Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: None

Children: None

Hair: Curly, short, black hair

Eyes: The most intense light green you’ve ever seen. Almost lime, a hint of gold, and totally hypnotizing

Origin: Born and raised in Chicago.

Language: English only.

Blood Type: A

Height: 5″9

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: The best traits of his mother and father all in one. He is good-looking to a fault and he knows it.

Race/Species: Mixed – black and white.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Raised by both parents.

Siblings: solo child.

Friends/Allies: “The Ladies”

Enemies: A few jealous guys in school.

Beliefs/Religion: Christianity.

Career/Past Careers: Student and basketball player.

Dreams/Life Goals: He wants to become a sports photographer.

Hobbies: Photography

Likes: A good movie.

Loves: His dog.

Dislikes: His parents “alternative” relationship.

Loathes: The thought of becoming like his dad as far as relationships.

Fears: Nate is his own good-luck charm. He fears nothing.

Strengths: He’s intelligent and charming without being arrogant.

Weakness: He does expect to receive anything he wants as long as he works for it.

Good Qualities: He’s humorous, ready with a smile, strong-willed.

Bad Habits: He disregards his parent’s advice based because he doesn’t approve of their relationship.

Turn Ons: He loves women in general: their looks, their actions, their scent…everything.

Turn Offs: Yet to find…

Temperament: With his parents he is very dismissive. He’s responsible, but only when he wants to be-and since that varies with the responsibility-he’s not very trustworthy. With others, he’s all charm but it is sincere. You look at him and can’t help but smile.

Background: His parents never hid their lifestyle from him. He has known since he can remember that his mother dates women. He didn’t resent it until he was six and realized bi-sexuality wasn’t accepted. By the time he was 12 he decided two people in love should remain two people in love…not three or four or however many. At this point, he totally separated his life from his parents. He picked up his first camera at age 8, a Polaroid, and fell in love with the ability to capture memories. His camera’s advanced and so did his skills.


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