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Sarah – Character Profile

Sarah Marie Wells

Character Name: Sarah

Full Name: Sarah Marie Wells

Nick Names: None

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Birthday/year: August 10, 1996

Marital Status: Not married

Spouse/Partner/Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Emanuele Flores

Children: None

Hair: Dyed dark brown with light brown highlights. Straight and cut to chin level.

Eyes: Dark brown

Origin: Born and raised in her home town in Oklahoma

Language: English.

Blood Type: A

Height: 5″7

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: At one glance she looks slender and another slightly thicker. She is always gorgeous and her skin simply glows. Her smile is contagious. Her eyes are big and inviting.

Race/Species: Caucasian.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Raised by and lives with both parents.

Siblings: Only child.

Friends/Allies: Like her mom, the whole world is her friend. When you meet her, you love her. Her best friends are her boyfriend Emanuele, and her girlfriends Jessica and Danielle.

Enemies: None to date.

Beliefs/Religion: None.

Career/Past Careers: High school student and socialite.

Dreams/Life Goals: She wants to be an event planner for the rich and famous.

Hobbies: Acting and volunteering for different causes with her mom.

Likes: Roller skating.

Loves: To host parties.

Dislikes: She tends to like everything.

Loathes: Boredom.

Fears: She’ll live and die in her current city.

Strengths: She’s a blast to be around and great at organizing parties and making everyone feel welcome.

Weakness: She hasn’t learned how to say, “no” which causes her stretch herself thin at time.

Good Qualities: She is kind and she is always ready with a smile, plus, extremely fun.

Bad Habits: Her parents always treated her like one of the grown ups, so she never learned when to let adults have their own private lives. At times she can be a bit of a show off.

Turn Ons: Willing to have fun. Socialites. A sense of adventure.

Turn Offs: Introverts. People who are too serious.

Temperament: She is a “go, go, go!” type of girl who hardly ever sits still. She has a kind heart and giving spirit. She also thinks for herself and speaks her mind. She’s very curious and has a “deal with reality” perspective on life.

Background: Born and raised in the same city, she pretty much knows everyone and because both she and her mother are very active socialites, everyone pretty much knows her as well. Sarah is very much a fashionista. Although she is always glammed up, her friendliness stops others from feeling intimidated. She gets involved in anything that allows her to be creative, original, inventive, and independent.


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