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Carson – Character Profile

Carson James Wells

Character Name: Carson

Full Name: Carson James Wells

Nick Names: None

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Birthday/year: March 9, 1977

Marital Status: Married, but considers his wife a lesbian and therefore, has multiple affairs.

Spouse: Ava Jeanne Wells

Children: Sarah Marie Wells – 16

Hair: Dark brown, cut close with a part on the right.

Eyes: Dark brown.

Origin: Born in Colorado. His family moved to Oklahoma when he was sixteen.

Language: English.

Blood Type: B

Height: 6″3

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: Stunning. Strong face structure, full lips, muscle everywhere without being over-bearing. 24-7 tan. Clean shaven. Strong, big hands.

Race/Species: Caucasian.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Raised by both parents until he was 16. His mother refused to move to Oklahoma when his father’s business expanded there because she loved Colorado so much. Carson resented her for that. He choose to go with his father, although his father was a bit demanding.

Siblings: He is the youngest of six children with a 12 year age difference from the second youngest. Carson was raised more as an only child as most of his siblings were out of the house by the time he was born and were more like aunts and uncles than brothers and sisters.  (Three brothers and two sisters)

Friends/Allies: Carson had two good friends, Mat and Thomas, from high school, but once he moved to Oklahoma, they lost touch. Once in Oklahoma his girlfriend became his best friend and wife, although they are not close now.

Enemies: Almost every who knows of his multiple affairs.

Beliefs/Religion: Atheist.

Career/Past Careers: Owns a janitorial service which is practically a monopoly for the city. He took on the business from his father after his death in a car crash. Carson was 25 when he father died.

Dreams/Life Goals: Carson loves his little girl, but also wants to have a son to bond with and pass on the business to, however, he’s certain that his lesbian wife had her tubes tied behind his back.

Hobbies: Collecting jazz music.

Likes: Running his business.

Loves: His daughter.

Dislikes: His wife.

Loathes: The fact that he married a lesbian.

Fears: Everyone will find out his wife is a lesbian.

Strengths: Mentally & physically strong. Great business mind.

Weakness: Very concerned with image. If he weren’t, he would have divorced his wife years ago when she first told him she slept with a woman, but he didn’t want to be known as the “divorced guy.”

Good Qualities: He controls his anger…and he has lots of it.

Bad Habits: Clinching his fists when he starts to become angry; although, he would never hit anyone.

Turn Ons: Light-weight women.

Turn Offs: Women who lack principles.

Temperament: He is the strong silent type, but he is only silent because he feels he may exploded if tempted. He is quite demanding and possessive.

Background: Although he had siblings, most were out of the house or on their way out before he was born, so he was raised like an only child. His mother was very dependent and hardly lifted a finger. When his father moved to expand his business to Oklahoma, she refused to go with him. Carson resent her for not sticking by his father and supporting him. Carson choose to go with his dad. Carson’s oldest brother manages the business in Colorado and Carson learned to manage the Oklahoma business from his father. In his new high school he meet his Ava and married her three months after graduation. They had their first child at 19 and lived in a home next to his father’s. He worked full-time for his father from the time he graduated. When they were 23 Ava told him she had slept with another woman at a party she had thrown recently. Ever since then, he has treated her coldly.


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