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Dominic – Character Profile

Dominic Richard Liner

Character Name: Dominic

Full Name: Dominic Richard Liner

Nick Names: None

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Birthday/year: December 25, 1974

Marital Status: Married. He is straight and monogamous, but his wife is bi and believes in multiple loving partners. (polyamory)

Spouse: Lily Rose Liner

Hair: Black, kept short.

Eyes: Dark brown

Origin: Born and raised in Chicago.

Language: English only.

Blood Type: A

Height: 5″10

Weight/Body Structure/Physical Faults: 170, medium build, beautiful smile. He wears a thin, well-kept goatee. He manages to look both rugged and business at the same time.

Race/Species: Black.

Parents/Elders/Guardians: Raised by his mom. His parents divorced when he was eight.

Siblings: solo child.

Friends/Allies: His wife.

Enemies: His son resents that he allows his mother to date women.

Beliefs/Religion: Christianity.

Career/Past Careers: Consultant for a company in Chicago. He started there at age 20 making 50k. By the time he was twenty-five, he was a manager making just under 200k a year. At 38, he makes just under half a million yearly.

Dreams/Life Goals: He wants to continue to be able to provide for his family at their current level, but would like to work less than 80 plus hours a week. Some days it feels like his only goal is to make it home by dinner and he would settle for 10pm. Both goals he continually misses. He would also like his son not to view his marriage as a sham. As if his wife is only using him or he should be “man enough” to tell her she can’t date women.

Hobbies: He enjoys building things. Especially from wood.

Likes: He likes to talk with his wife until they both fall asleep.

Loves: His family.

Dislikes: When his wife goes through a breakup with a girlfriend. She’s only had 3: college, at age 25, and 30.

Loathes: The thought of his wife become a full lesbian.

Fears: His wife will one day become a lesbian.

Strengths: He’s intelligent and able to see a situation from multiple sides.

Weakness: He’s scared to say anything that seems like a “rule” as far as how, when, who Lily can date.

Good Qualities: He’s very thoughtful and a great provider.

Bad Habits: He massages the back of his neck with his right hand when he’s nervous or about to do/say something he really doesn’t want to do/say.

Turn Ons: Sweetness. Ability to carry on a conversation with a lot of laughter.

Turn Offs: Overly independent.

Temperament: Always ready with a smile. Very easy-going. He’s in control without being controlling when it comes to business. When it comes to relationships, he’s in the passenger’s seat. He will later learn this is not where he wants to be.

Background: Only son to a single mother, Dominic quickly became the man of the house. The grew up on the south side of Chicago. He took small jobs (newspaper delivery, cut lawns, etc) to help his mom pay the bills since he was 11. He studied hard in order to join a career path that would provide for him and his mother. He accomplished this at 20 and brought his mother a condo in Naperville, a suburb of Chicago. At 21, he met Lily and within a couple of weeks of hanging out together, developed romantic feelings for her. Being only 16, he received her parents permission to date her. Which they gave as long as, “he didn’t get her pregnant”. Which happened only four months later. Apparently, Lily’s body was among the extreme few that rejected the pill, although it seemed to work at first. He wanted to marry her right away, but Lily refused. He emotionally supported her in finishing high school, college, and her career. He wanted her to at least move in with him during this period, but she refused that as well. Other than help with the baby, she wanted to prove to herself she could make it on her own and he let her with the hopes she would marry him when she had. They continued dating during this time frame and married when she a few months shy of 23 and he 28. It took him a while to adjust to her bisexuality and even longer to the fact she still wished to pursue it, but since her interested seemed to be only in a relationship with females, he agreed.


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